The Baker's Inn Website Fresh Out of the Oven

  • Posted by Thandeka
  • 19 July 2018

The Baker's Inn website is the best thing since sliced bread! It is jam-packed with information about Baker's Inn, their products, recipes blog articles and a kids game corner!

Baker’s Inn has a new website and it is stunning. It is fast loading, visually appealing, responsive and mobile friendly. It is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive information about Baker’s Inn in addition to a blog and delicious recipes.

The new Baker’s Inn creates a great first impression through a meticulously laid out home page with a delicious, bright header. The interactive slideshow showcases the highlights of the Baker’s Inn website and allows for the visitors to take action.

The website utilizes complimentary colours of blue and orange. These aided in the overall aesthetics of the website because complimentary colours by design make each other seem brighter when used in conjunction with one another. The simultaneous contrast made the artwork pop out which made it eye-catching and attention grabbing at first sight.

The text size and font choices make the website highly readable. Attributing to the overall beauty of the website is the high contrast between the font and the background. The Baker’s Inn website’s beauty is mesmerizing and the information available is engrossing. Ultimately, it lures the users to explore and discover other features and they won’t be disappointed.

The website has Recipes and a Blog which visitors will find very useful. The recipes are simple and easy to make. The ingredients to be used are simple ingredients that can be found in any supermarket. The blog covers relevant information to help families eat better and improve their meals.

The Baker’s Inn website has something for everyone including the children that carry packed sandwiches to school. In the Kid’s Corner, children can play games online such as the word search game. A leaderboard is displayed beside the game to show the top players of the game. The illustration on this page is cute and appealing to the age group targeted.

Contacting Baker’s Inn has never been easier. Besides the social media icons that direct the user to the Facebook and Twitter platforms, the Newsletter sign up form is non-intrusive and strategically placed at the bottom of the page. The Contact form provides various contact details and allows for the user to receive their feedback over a phone call from Baker’s Inn.

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