Keepnet Pro: Catch & Release Fishing App

  • Posted by Thandeka
  • 22 August 2018

Keepnet Pro is a new and effective way to keep track of your catch of the day while taking care of the fish and the environment that they reside in.

Keepnet Pro is a free app available for iOS and Android which is a catch and release tournament scoring solution. The Keepnet Pro app is easy to use and it simplifies the scoring process by doing the complex calculations for the user and can be used either at a social level or as a full tournament scoring solution.

During a catch and release tournament, users can use the app to create their profiles and log in with their QR codes. When they have caught a fish, they can record a video of the weighing and releasing it back into the water. This improves accountability by ensuring that competitors do not recycle the same fish. It also safeguards that the competitors are indeed releasing the fish back into their habitat. This, in turn, will reduce the impact on the fish and fisheries as a whole.

Once a competitor has recorded their fish, they can view results on the live leader board to see where they rank in comparison to other fishermen. Once all the videos for that day have been uploaded, they can be displayed on a television for entertainment purposes. The top 10 fish for that day will be streamed onto the television and reviewed. The Keepnet Pro also stores the videos onto your device which means you can upload your videos to other social media platforms as well.

This mobile app also provides a FAQs function to help you learn how to use the app and to address the most prevalent questions when it comes to using the app and fishing. Cast your net wide and use the app to start competing with fishermen from far and wide.

Download the Keepnet Pro: Catch & Release Fishing app for iOS or Android and enjoy the thrill of fishing with minimal harm to the fish and the ecosystem.