Buy Your Stationery Online from the Bamm Stationers Website

  • Posted by Thandeka
  • 3 April 2018

Bamm Stationers provide the very best in stationery and their new full e-commerce website is bringing even more convenience to customers that can purchase their stationery online.

The internet has brought about convenience for the consumer because now they can find products online, shop for them and pay from anywhere. E-commerce websites are rooted in the user experience. The user must be able to find what they are looking for, but it and pay for it securely. This means that the prices on the website must be correct and all the features must be functional to preserve the retailer’s credibility.

Bamm Stationers is a full e-commerce website with excellent user experience. It is a fully functional website that advertises the products and allows for the customer to make purchases securely online. Users create an account on the website and can add products to their cart. Once they have completed their shopping, they are directed to an easy-to-use checkout counter that has both multiple online and offline payment methods.

Customers can use the Search function on the top right corner of the website to locate a product quickly. Product images on the website are clear and placed on a white background which helps the customer to get an idea of what the product is like in real life. The Bamm Stationers website has real images of the products being sold. The customer is assured that what they ordered online is exactly what they will receive.

The products are listed in categories that are easy to go through. The user can also find the products that they are looking for through brand names. These categories are available both on the main menu and the sidebar for even more convenience to the user. Once the user has identified a product that they like, there are social media sharing buttons at the bottom which allows them to share that product to their respective social media.

The integrated blog section of the Bamm Stationers website provides light and entertaining product information for the user. The reader is able to get more information on the latest products and product reviews from the blog section.

With all these wonderful features and immaculate design, the Bamm Stationers website is a remarkable online shopping experience. Visit our C2 website to see other amazing websites we have done for other clients. Whatever you need your website to do, we can make it happen. Get in touch with C2 Media today for app development, content marketing and other services.