• Posted by Thandeka
  • 26 February 2015

The #Tweet4Free social media campaign creatively engaged with customers nationwide, providing real-time tweets on a vibrant, responsive microsite.

As the free Twitter access was reaching its end date, Econet customers on Twitter started petitioning for the extension of the service. As a result, Econet developed the #Tweet4Free campaign to urge followers to Tweet using the hashtag #Tweet4Free to get the popular Free Twitter promotion extended.
To drive awareness of and generate excitement around Econet’s Free Twitter campaign, increase user engagement, boost followers and decide the future of the Free Twitter promotion. The campaign aimed to promote the awareness of Free Twitter through taking advantage of user generated conversations around the extension.
Econet gave users a distinct reason to participate —Free Twitter. The campaign creatively engaged with customers nationwide, providing real-time tweets on a vibrant, responsive microsite that had an interactive Tweet4Free barometer, encouraging users to keep going and to “break the barometer”. The Tweet4Free barometer pulled all mentions from Twitter onto the interactive microsite.
Econet & C2 Media were on hand to ensure the smooth running of the campaign, providing users with a seamless experience. To add another layer to the campaign, a Twitter Card was generated to promote the tweets generated from the official Econet Twitter account (@econetzimbabwe)and the campaign was cross-promoted on Econet's Facebook page.
The campaign was a resounding success as the Tweet4Free barometer target had to be constantly adjusted to new targets as followers surpassed the initial targets. The promotion was seen online 230,800 times in two days! It was retweeted 1,500 times which also shows the wildfire nature and mass reception of the campaign. The sleek #Tweet4Free microsite received 3,476 pageviews on the day the campaign was launched and was accessed 2,152 times and attracted over 1,324 users.